Indian Remy Hair –The natural ability to blend in with a variety of hair types makes Indian hair a popular choice for many. Indian Remy hair extensions top the list being completely human in nature. They are made available with cuticles intact, with the roots aligned in one direction and tips on the opposite side. Indian Remy hair normally sourced from the innumerable temples of India is unidirectional and known for being relatively free of tangles. Remy hair is known for its premium quality, soft feel and pliability.

Chinese Remy Hair- Chinese Remy hair is coarser than Indian Remy hair. It comes in natural medium to dark brown and black colors and is ideal for those looking for a very straight and shiny look. This hair blends in quite well with African–American hair types.

Virgin Indian Remy Hair- Straight, curly or wavy Virgin Indian Remy hair is sourced from one donor only and is very versatile, full bodied , natural and available in all popular textures. Virgin Indian Remy hair is unprocessed and untreated and it blends in very well with Caucasian as well as African-American hair. The cuticles are organized in such a manner as to prevent tangling and matting thereby lasting longer.

European Hair- Its smooth feel and look makes European hair a popular option in hair extensions. It has an oval cross-section, comes in naturally lighter shades, is comparatively thinner than Indian or Chinese Remy hair and its suppleness helps in easy styling. Sourced mostly from the southern part of Italy and Spain, it is also quite durable and lasts long when cared for in a proper manner.

Straight Hair- People with a predilection for the sleek and straight look, prefer straight hair when it comes to choosing hair extensions. Straight hair is also low maintenance and easy to manage. Clip-in extensions in straight hair are quite popular as they are lightweight and easy to manage and can also be used to create a multi-textured look.

Malaysian hair- Malaysian hair has a soft and silky feel and mostly available only in straight hair although sometimes one may come across slightly wavy variations as well. This hair texture is like african american texture hair after a fresh relaxe