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Virgin Mink Brazilian Straight hair is healthy virgin hair, which has not been processed at all. This Brazilian hair has a lot of natural body to it. It is cuticle hair, provided by the donor in its original state, therefore, the direction of the hair is respected, and the hair does not tangle at all. It comes in natural off black color and sometimes a bit lighter. It is strong hair that is naturally straight, wavy or curly. The waviness can be easily turned into curly with proper styling. It is excellent for people with African ancestry, as it looks very natural, yet manageable. Shop 100% for virgin Remy hair extensions today from our online mink Brazilian hair vendors!

Our 100% Virgin Hair is the highest quality on the market. Each selection has been collected from one donor. All cuticles are intact and you will notice each selection of our virgin hair has a natural taper at the end. All our virgin hair extensions have undergone a stringent quality assurance process to ensure it is free of imperfections and will last well up to a year with proper care and maintenance.

  • Weight: Each bundle is approximately 3.5oz
  • Color: Natural Off Black Color 1b
  • Length: 16 in
  • Weft: Machine Weft
  • Styling: For a full sew in we recommend 3-4 bundles. Remember: Longer the hair the short the weft. If you desire your hair to be full with lots of volume we suggest you go with 4 bundles of hair.


  • NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES ONLY NO EXCEPTIONS. We exercise a very strict quality control process to ensure that our clients receive only the best virgin hair. The items must be mailed for exchange in its original condition. We will not accept any merchandise that is not in its original condition. The returned item must be unopened, unaltered, unworn, undamaged and all tags and packaging must be included.
    If you want to exchange an item you will need to call our customer service number.
    We will not accept any merchandise that has been used or altered (brushed, combed, picked, cut, or washed).
    Items meeting the above conditions may be returned within 3 days of the receipt for an exchange.
    To Exchange:
  •  Items must be in its original condition as stated above
  •  Ship back for exchange within 3 days of receipt


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