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You can make 3-minute Videos,blog or social posts and you can post the about your event or story, on YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, you can even host events or interview and get paid. FASHION REWARDS.
We will now publish videos as native social posts. And for live events, you can now live stream simultaneously across multiple social platforms.




Twitter  ideas:

  • Retweet client selfies are wearing your hair extensions, Mink Weft, full lace wigs and more.
  • Share links to hair related posts and education.
  • Form relationships with stylists or your clients.
  • If they have hair related questions.
  • Tweet your blog posts and products.



Place variety of posts. Uploading the product photos daily, it’s fun!


Create Videos on YouTube

If you don’t have a professional camera and microphone, then you can start by using your smartphone. Many can take great videos! It’s worth it first to watch some videos on how to make great videos on your phone. A few simple techniques can improve the quality of your shots.

You can create videos of you at hair events, coloring hair extensions, tutorials, and more! Everyone is looking to learn how to do hair on YouTube. Yes, there are thousands of ways to create a videos.


Share+ more



Pin for the win!

Do you know where a ton of women hangs out? Pinterest!


The social network for professionals!

Create a Post

We totally understand that giving away hair extensions can get expensive, but what if you could get some serious post powers, we craft the perfect hair extesnions you might win free hair extensions!


We love blog contests & giveaways

Getting people to visit your website www.fashionlacewigs.com or Facebook and Instagram

We will announce the winner when you have clients follow-up with the winner for a few photos or testimonial about your hair extensions, lashes, ponytails wrap, weft, frontals, lace fronts or any other product we offered.

 blog post ideas:

  • Latest hair trends
  • Ten tips on taking care of your hair extensions
  • Pros and Cons of a Quick Weave

Interview a Celebrity Stylist

Be Our Next Fashion TV Star. Posting the interview on our blog and then linking to all our social media

Questions you can ask a celebrity stylist during an interview:

  • How did you get started in the hair industry?
  • Who was your first celebrity client?
  • What was some of the best advice you have received from another stylist?
  • What are your favorite hair events

Hair Affiliate Program Available

Available on your website

Create a Presentation for SlideShare

Share and Discover your Knowledge.

Ideas include:

  • Your story about how you got started in the hair business
  • An interview with a stylist or leader in the industry.
  • How to care for hair extensions
  • Techniques on how to colour or apply hair extensions


In our busy lives, friends and family will often forget about telling their contacts about our hair. Remind them!

People often make buying decisions based on their friend’s recommendations.

A few referral tips:

  • Give your close friends a few tips on looking for great hair extensions.
  • Reach out to friends and ask them to share our website on their social media. A better way to do this would be to have them share an informative blog post on your site.
  • Text friends to see if they could refer just one person.


 Create a Meme

Hair extension talk doesn’t always have to be so serious. Have some fun and create a popular meme!

Show the lighter side of you personality with a funny meme that you can post on your social media. Creating a meme is easy to do just by uploading a photo and adding some text.

You might want to consider making a meme about a bad hair day, good hair day, style, beauty or inspiring quote. It will make more sense if your meme is hair/beauty related. Let’s go viral!

 hair events Worldwide

Starting out with a smaller, local show might be a good idea. Every aspect of your hair extension strategies is different. Hair shows can be very costly, make it simple for your hair business, when your buying from FLW wholesale.

Have a great show, and the rewards could easily outweigh the cost!

FLW Host a Hair Care Event

Host an FLW events and send your will receive a great % OFF of your sales orders and your hard work. Woman love tips on how to properly care for both their natural, hair and weave.

Why not choice an event type and get rewarded?

Let us know how these tools help you and your team. Send your work to our FLW team and you will recieve $50.00 OFF your order or receive a great % rewards OFF your salon store orders or regular online purchase, Yes we will offer YOU 50 BUCKS OFF or % OFF salons or Fashion TV events thats been created, send us details on the work event you will plan to start on. When you talk, we listen, and good things get even better. As always, you can find more details by Contacting Us at info@fashionlacewigs.com or call or text to 818.720.2855.