Fashion Lace Wigs

FLW Partner Stylists received over $100,000 in discounts and cash commissions


In addition, we provide more than 100,000 customer referrals per year to salons and stylists. Our Partner Stylist Program is a smart and easy way to earn money, boost business and gain exposure for you and your salon..


As a partner stylist your benefits will include:
Generous discounts on all of our products.
Monthly commission for client referrals.
Personalized retailer listing on our website, generating more business for you!
Option to purchase a FLW Partner Stylist Kit which includes a texture ring, color ring and all necessary marketing materials.
Free ground shipping on all orders.
Wholesale pricing available for order of 15 tubes or more (30 or more for FASHION  and STUDIO 101 )

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity by signing up today!
Please Call Partner Stylist Department at 818.720.2855 or email us at


We are here to help you grow your salon business.



Concept Salon


Highlights and benefits of becoming an FLW Concept Salon include:
Earn up to $25,000 in additional income per year
Hold inventory to give your clients options
Exterior signage from FLW
FLW exclusive display pieces
Print materials
Deep discounts
Opportunity for credit
Training in selling techniques in your offices, store or station.




Benefits of joining our Authorized Retailer Program:

  • Increase your overall sales and the value of your invoices per customer.
  • Selling FLW naturally leads to sales of high end shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products.
  • We have loyal followers throughout the U.S. and around the world—our brand equity increases your customer base.
  • Harness the power of our unique consultation experience. Allowing your customers to see, touch, and choose their perfect piece of Indique will keep them coming back—and they’ll tell all their friends about it.
  • Exclusive relationships: we offer a limited number of retailers per city.
  • Align yourself with a trusted, premium hair extension brand.

Dedicated sales support & customer service:

  • Your distributor contact information will be listed on our site. Send us photos of your location and we will promote you on our social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Customized promotional materials:

  • A variety of promotional marketing materials imprinted with your company’s contact information can be created for you upon request.