Although we have provided the wigs colour chart for your reference, it’s still a little hard to figure out a perfect match to your own hair colour just by judging the picture on screen. We suggest you to pick the colour which you think will be a close match (either slightly light or dark) and try blending it with your own hair. This will give a more natural look, a unique variation and more depth and dimension to your own hair.

Please view our colour chart below where you’ll find all the hair extension colours we have on offer. As you can see on the left side of the page you can click on which type of hair extensions you would like and the colours will show up. Our biggest colour selection comes in our range available in a variety of colours colours! Choosing the right colour online can be difficult! If you are not sure which colour is best suited for you, we recommend that you contact us by phone or email. Our experienced staff will happily help you choose what we feel is the best colour for you. If we don’t stock there colour you need, we will happily order in exactly what your looking for. FLW are on trend with seasonal hair colours and fashions. It’s just as important to keep your hair up to date as it is your wardrobe. Choose from the ever popular Balayage, Ombre, piano stripe, rich autumn colours of chocolate brown, cherry red and auburn. Perhaps you’d rather the simplicity of black or blonde and add some fun with a touch of one of our bright fashion colours. If there is a particular colour you would like to see installed or in a different light please email our friendly staff on or text 818.720.2855 and we’ll get back to you.

Need advice on which colour?

Our friendly team will help you choose an extension colour to match your natural hair shade. You should always choose a colour that matches your hair from the mid-lengths to the ends. simply send in a sample or a photo and Fashion Hair will help you match the closest colour from our wide selection.
We sell colour ring-samples before you buy so you can get an exact match for your hair colour. We can also advise you on all our hair care products and how to use them. We have an extensive range of specialty brushes and hair treatments.



4/27 Blondette10 Tanned Blonde10/24 Biscuit10/14/16 Tanned Blonde10/16 Tanned Blonde14/24 Blonde Bombshell

6/27 Nutmeg18/22 Bohemian Blonde613/10 Dirty Blonde613/16 California Blonde613/18 Champagne Blonde6/24 Honey Blonde

6/22 Bronzed Blonde60/613/10 Blonde Minx613/27 Boho Blonde613 Rock Chic613/24 LA Blonde20 Beach Blonde

60 Vintage Blonde60/613 Malibu Blonde60a Pure Platinum BlondeSilver Blonde


30 Amber350 Copper530 Cherry33 Mahogany99j Scarlet


1b/5 Brazillia Balayage2/5/5 Bronde Balayage4/27/10 Biscuit Balayage10/24/22 St Tropez Balayage18/22/60 Nordic Blonde Balayage

2/4/6 Caramelt4/27Blondette10/14/16 Tanned Blonde6/24 Honey Blonde613/24 LA Blonde613/18 Champagne Blonde


Beverly HillsBel AirRodeo DriveSanta BarbaraSanta Monica

60a Pure PlatinumFrozen