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Become an Authorized Fashion Lace Wigs on our Reseller Program!



The hard part is over because you finally found us
We believe in servicing price hair extension to our clients
Customer service and satisfaction is our prime objective
Quality and consistency is our way and goal



Our brand ambassadors always come together to show each other support and encouragement through social platforms and media events

Basic Reseller Package

This reseller package is ideal for anyone who would like to start selling lace wigs.  It is not limited to salon owners, or business owners. This package contains everything you need to start offering lace wigs to your customers. With this reseller package, we have done all the work for you!  All you need to do is find your customers and start taking orders today! You will have access to our lace wigs at 25-45% off retail depending on your order quantity.

Anyone who has a large number of social media following, also we encourage hair stylist, salon owners, and anyone who enjoys wearing high quality hair extensions and can represent the Fashion Hair Extensions brand well.

Once you are selected to become a Fashion Hair Extensions Ambassador you will be contacted with details on what will be required of you and how often you should do it. Once you’ve completed your assignments a monthly payout will be issued via Paypal based on the number of sales that were generated by you via the program. To help you represent Fashion Hair Extensions well, you will receive:


  • Fashion Hair Extensions t-shirt
  • Discount on all bundles of hair quarterly
  • A personalized discount code for your followers
  • complimentary t-shirt
  • monthly payout issued via Paypal based on number of sales generated


  • FASHION HAIR AMBASSADORS will receive a $10 credit for each order using your discount code and if you’re make at least 5 sales in 90 days you will receive 2 free bundles of Fashion Hair.
  • RAW VIRGIN HAIR AMBASSADORS receive $20 store credit for every order placed using your special discount code and if you make at least 10 sales in 90 days you will receive 2 free bundles of raw Virgin hair.
  • MINK EYELASHES AMBASSADORS will receive a $5 credit for each pair of lashes sold using your discount code, and if you make at least one sale in a month, you will receive a free pair of eyelashes each month.
  • At the end of the month, you can either redeem your store credit towards new hair extensions for yourself, or you can opt to have those funds sent to your PayPal account!

Our Fashion Hair Extensions are for all  that we feel are some of the best and the brightest. If you are a positive self starter and love to look and feel great, then you are exactly what we’re looking for to take our brand to the next level.


A positive role model & influential individual who actively posts engaging content and connects with their followers across their social media platforms. (You don’t have to have a large number of followers). You also must love wearing extensions and should be familiar with Hair Extensions, Virgin Hair, or Raw Hair in general. If this describes you, we would LOVE to have you on our team!


  • We welcome anyone with a large social media following to apply to be a Brand Ambassador as well as salon owners, hair stylists, and those who love high quality hair extensions and lace fronts.
  • ANYONE who has placed an order with us is qualified to apply! People value the opinion of paying customers, and will trust your experience.
  • We pay our Brand Ambassadors via PayPal. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, you can easily sign up for free online to obtain one.

Why Choose Us?

  • Consistent Quality Hair Extensions

  • Live Support by phone, fax,email, media or text

  • Super Fast Shipping World Wide

This reseller package includes the following:

  • Access to wholesale pricing on all future orders (as long as you are in active status).
  • You will receive 15-30% off retail pricing.
  • Your Unique Reseller ID #
  • You will be required to order a minimum of 5 wigs for your initial order after the set up charge.


  • Approval into the program can take 5-7 business days. You will not be approved as an Authorized Reseller until we have received all required information (this applies to business reseller packages only).
  • We will also provide you unlimited technical support to answer any questions you may have regarding the reseller program and getting started with your business. If you have questions, please contact us.
  • Almost all applicants are approved; however, we reserve the right to decline any application for any reason.  If you are not approved, your membership fee will be refunded immediately. First time wholesale orders must exceed $500 to qualify. Wholesale orders are considered Final Sale, no exchanges or returns will be accepted.

Serious Hair Extensions Wholesalers

We thank you for your interests in the Fashion Lace Wigs Hair Co, and we look forward to working with you on making your business a success and dream come true..



We are always looking for good people to join us, if you think you have what it takes, please send your request, to Retail Operations Director

  • Call for more Details. Requirements:
  • First Order must be a minimum of 5 units.
  • Minimum is required; however you must place at least 2 orders every 45 days to remain in active account.
  • This is to ensure that you are interested in ordering for business purposes and for personal use of products.
  • First time wholesale orders must exceed amount to qualify. Wholesale orders are considered Final Sale, no exchanges or returns will be accepted.


Re-Order Your Fashion  Hair Design System, hair piece or Hair extension today!

If you’ve ordered hair unit from us in the past then we already have your unique specifications on file. Ordering is easy and simple! Call us at 888-444-9643 or email us.